Watching GAA Handball TV will get us through

Written by AOB

Back in the day when television sets were few and far between and with little to do on those bright evenings, people ambled down to the local handball court to see the action and pass away the time. Those young enough to develop an interest kept coming back to watch and for some, what they saw soon had them taking up the game for themselves. As the years went by and career paths differed from player to player, one thing remained a constant. When asked how they learned to play better handball, the answer was always “by watching good players play”. It really was that simple and the case for is as strong today as it was back then.

Except of course we cannot watch good players right now due to the Covid-19 virus………..or can we?

Thankfully television sets have since become more plentiful and with handball now having its very own YouTube channel we have indeed turned full circle from those early days. Now there is no need to be without our staple diet of handball and young players can once again learn from watching.

GAA Handball TV contains a large number of matches featuring most of the top players and is guaranteed to entertain and educate all at once. It a terrific resource to have as we face into a period away from the courts and thanks to modern technology, just as in those bygone days, we can again rely on handball to get us through.