County Wall Ball Championship

All clubs and players are asked to note the below arrangements for the county Wall Ball championships.

Thursday, April 5th   

At Ballymitty

7.30        Men’s C Singles Wall Ball (R16)               

  1. Laurence Dunne (KIL) bye
  2. Conor Keeling (STJ) v Jack Roche (BRT)
  3. Dean O’Neill (BAM) v Ciaran Busher (BRT)
  4. Shane Birney (CAB) v Callum Smithies (BRT)
  5. John Byrne (BAM) v Tommy Armstrong (KIL)
  6. Gavin Lacey (BAM) v Dara Cloake (CAB)
  7. Brian Busher (BRT) v Timmy Farrell (KIL)
  8. Alan O’Neill (BAM) bye

8.30        Men’s C Wall Ball (R8)

  1. A v B
  2. C v D
  3. E v F
  4. G v H


All matches are of 15 minutes (or first to 21 aces, whichever comes first) and one foul ball will be a hand out.

If players finish level after 15 minutes a tiebreak will ensue. The tie-break will be the first to 5 aces. The player serving will continue to serve.

If still level after extra time a one point tie breaker will be played with a toss of a coin to decide the server.

In the event of a tie in a round robin match the above will also apply. If all three players in a round robin finish with a win the winner will be the one with the most points scored in ordinary time. If still level the least points conceded will decide the winner