New County Team Event

Entries are invited for the new County Team of 4 + sub championship which is set to commence on 12th January. The following format will apply;
Championship Grade – junior B (also open to C and D players)
Games – singles 1 x 21 aces, doubles 1 x 21 aces, singles 1 x 21 aces
Points – 1 point per game won
Grading of B, C and D  players as follows;  junior B – 7, junior C – 0 and junior D + 7. For instance a junior B player will have to score 28 points to win a game against a C or D player, while in the same match a D player will only have to score 14 as he will start on 7.
In doubles the difference in handicap to decide ie; B/C v C/D (B/C = – 7, C/D = + 7) C/D start with + 14 advantage. B/C commence on – 7 while C/D start on + 7.
We estimate that the handicap format will encourage up to 12 teams to enter as it compensates clubs who do not have 4 x B players.  Clubs can enter 2 or more teams if desired. The competition will be run on a league basis.
Closing date for receipt of entries is Tuesday, December 23rd
Club secretaries click here for entry form