Kavanagh and Armstrong take Wall Ball Nationals at Breaffy House

Daniel Kavanagh and Keith Armstrong kept Wexford to the forefront of affairs at the Wall Ball (1-wall) Nationals played at Breaffy House Sports Arena this weekend when they captured the prestigious boys 17 and under and 19 and under events in terrific style. Both players had to overcome the very best players in the country before claiming the titles.
Josh Kavanagh in boys 13 and under and Galen Riordan in men’s B performed magnificently but had to settle for runners up spots in their respective grades.
GAA Handball Wall Ball Nationals 2016
MO: Martin Mulkerrins (Gal) dft Conor McElduff (Tyr) 15-6, 8-15, 11-2
LO: Lorraine Havern (Down) dft Martina McMahon (Lim) 15-6, 15-13
LB: Avril McNamee (Don) dft Michelle Warren (Tyr) 25-9
LCh: Annie Havern (Down) dft Bronagh Alison (Tyr) 22-8
MB: Patrick Mc Crory (Tyr) dft Galen Riordan (Wex) 14-10
MC: Jack O’Shea (Kerry) dft Conor O Gorman (Mon) 17-12
MCh: Mike Dillon (Gal) dft Graham Casburn (Gal) 19-15
M: Michael “Ducksy” Walsh (Kilk) dft Eddie Bourke (Kilk) 26-8
SM: Niall Kerr (Tyr) dft Matthew Paterson (Wicklow) 21-12
GM: John Herlihy (Cor) dft Paul Cassidy (Mon) 25-9
EM: Frank Macken (Mayo) dft Brian Havern (Down) 18-14
RM: Eugene Kennedy (Dub) dft Sean Devlin (Louth) 26-11
B13&U: Billy Drennan (Kilk) dft Josh Kavanagh (Wex) 31-14
B13&UB: Jake O’Kelly (Wickl) dft Kyle Jordan (Kilk) 28-11
B15&U: Antoin Fox (Tyr) dft Conor Drennan (Kilk) 25-14
B15&UB: Anthony O’Connell (Cork) dft Fionn Cusack (Ros) 19-9
B17&U: Daniel Kavanagh (Wex) dft Sean Kerr (Tyr) 14-11
B17&UB: Daniel Lydon (Gal) dft Caolan Smith (Cav) 16-14
B19&U: Keith Armstrong (Wex) dft Niall Joyce (Mayo) 23-12
G13&U: Mairead Fox (Tyr) dft Sadhbh Ni Fhlaithearta (Gal) 24-10
G13&UB: Skylyn O’Malley Walsh (Gal) dft Éadaoin Nic Dhonncha (Gal) 24-14
G15&U: Niamh Heffernan (Gal) dft Dearbhla Coleman (Arm) 26-8
G15&UB: Edel Mulholland (Kilk) dft Claire Reynolds (Mayo) 14-7
G17&U: Fiona Tully (Ros) dft Hannah Dagg (Kild) 20-14