Handball articles

Written by AOB

Our handball articles are generating tremendous interest around the country, amongst both handball and non handballing people alike. Our past hero’s should not be forgotten and this is our way of ensuring their stories and achievements will be recorded for all time. Although the articles will slip from the front news pages pretty quickly, they will continue to be available in our archives and also on the GAA Handball History pages.

The champions of the past deserve no less than that.

We have already read about Pat Cleary and Brian Gilhooly and as the series continues, hopefully coming down the tracks (in no particular order) will be John Fleming, Seamus Buggy, Ray Breen, Dick Lyng etc. Current top players such as Gavin Buggy (and hopefully others) will also be profiled as they have long and distinguished records of achievement at the top level.

Other articles of interest will also appear.