County championships kick off amid Covid restrictions

Wexford GAA Handball – The Softball Championships

The opening games in the Wexford county softball championships take place this week beginning on Wednesday next with individual matches fixed for five different venues.  It will be a very unusual experience for players used to performing in front of sizable crowds, with Covid-19 restrictions reducing the numbers present to a total of five people, including the two players, two coaches, plus an official or referee.

All concerned must familiarize themselves with the GAA Handball Return to Safe Play document and adhere strictly to the conditions therein.


All players and referees should note the new rule change governing hinders

Previously when a ball hit an opposing player it was an automatic hinder, but this is no longer the case. Now it will be up to the referee to decide if in his/her opinion the ball was going to reach the front wall – in other words if it was going to be ‘up’. If the referee decides the ball was not going to be ‘up’, he/she is obliged to call a point or hand out as appropriate. In the absence of a referee it will be up to the players to agree on the matter. Failure to agree must result in a replay.

Click Fixture 1 to see the opening list of matches and note the championship is being run on a knockout basis in line with our Games Regulations