Club Registration Forms

All Wexford units are reminded to fill in the below Registration form as soon as possible and to ensure the following is observed;
All must fill sections must be completed.
Great care must be taken with email addresses so as to have dots in the correct place as well as _ (underscore) or – (hyphen) as required. Email addresses are almost always lowercase so please do not send in UPPERCASE as it will not be correct.
Note closing date and late payment penalties and please call the County Secretary at 087/2060715 if assistance is required. Note that all registrations must be returned to the County Secretary along with full payment.
Click here for GAA Handball Full Club Registration 2015 MASTER COPY EURO
Click here for Instructions for completing 2015 Registration Forms
The below is courtesy of GAA Handball Ireland
A Cháirde, Club Secretary,
The 2015 GAA Handball Ireland Official Club Registration Forms are now attached in this email for completion and return by email to to Croke Park, County Boards and Provincial Council by the closing date of 6th February 2015.
The procedure and fees remain the same as in 2014. A Microsoft Word document is also attached detailing a step by step instruction in the completion of the forms.
***A late payment fee has been introduced for all registrations received after the deadline of Friday 6th February. The late payment fee of €10 per week will be incurred for each week that registrations are late.***
Once forms are completed please email forms to Croke Park, your relevant County Board and Provincial Council. Please only forward relevant monies owed to Croke Park. County fees to County Secretary and Provincial fees if applicable to be sent direct to Provincial Secretary.
1. Registration Fees applicable for the forthcoming 2015 Calendar Year.
Adult Member Registration Fee:
€15 per adult member with 10 members.
Reduces to €12.50 per adult member where there are between 11 and 30 registered adult members in a club.
Reduces to €10.00 per adult member where there are 31 or more registered adult members in a club, ie. if your club has 32 registered adult members the total fee is €320 + juvenile fees + player injury fee.
Note: All Club Officers and leisure members need to be registered to ensure insurance cover in the event of an accident occurring within the club.
Juvenile Member Registration Fee:
€5 per Juvenile member with 19 members or less.
Reduces to €4 per juvenile member where there are between 20 and 39 registered juvenile members in a club.
Reduces to €3 per juvenile member where there are between 40 and 59 registered juvenile members in a club.
Reduces to €2 per juvenile member where there are 60 or more registered juvenile members in a club, ie. if your club has 62 registered juvenile members, the total fee is €124 + adult fees + player injury fee.
Non registered clubs/members will not be permitted to take part in competitions.
Any courts that are intended to be used for competitions need to be registered.
2. Return of All Documentation in respect of Club Registration.
All attached Club Registrations must be returned to Croke Park by email, through your relevant County Secretary, before the final deadline date of Friday 6th February 2015.
3. For all registration queries, support and further information.
Please contact by email: or Telephone: +353 (0) 18658602.