2015-6 County 40×20 Championship updated with reviews

The 2015-6 Wexford county 40×20 championship gets underway on Monday week, September 28th with 39 matches arranged across the county. Click for County Championship Fixture 1-16

See full Championship Groups with previews here.

All units and players are reminded of the rules and regulations (below) under which these championships are promoted.

A. All matches must be played as arranged.

B. All players must wear their official club jersey and togs at all times.

C. Due to the large number of games in the championship (close on 600), changes/postponements will be only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

D. Requests for changes/postponements must come through the club secretary and in no situation will a request from a player be considered.

E. If change/postponement is granted the club seeking the change/postponement will be responsible for cancelling the court booking.

F. Court booking fees will be due for payment if a change is sought on the day of the match.

The eagerly awaited Legends Special championship also sees its first action with matches in the singles competition. The proposed doubles competition is going to require a major commitment from those taking part and all are encouraged to view the format before making a final decision. Click Legends Formula to view.