Winter League stats wrap

The 2021 4-Wall Winter League was recently completed and below are some of the stats from the competition;

Number of clubs taking part – 14 (100%)

Entries – 78

Divisions – 13

Number of games actually played – 152

Matches called off – 10 (covid/injury)

Number of clubs to win titles – 6

Most successful club – Castlebridge (6 titles)

Players who scored the maximum average score (21) per game – Gavin Buggy (STY) and Ray Wickham (STY)  

Player who conceded the smallest average score (3.9) per game – Ray Wickham (STY) 

Player who scored the most aces (points) in the competition (270) – William Murphy (CAB)

Player who won the most tie breaks (3) – Robert Byrne (BRT) 

Players who lost the most tiebreaks (2) – Noel Holohan, Tony Breen, Stephen Murphy, James Mythen, Eamonn Bowe 

Table toppers who did not go on to win the title (4) – David Stanners D2, Gavin Lacey D10, Holly Hynes WD1 and Emily Moran WD2