Watch the World Championships live

Courtesy of GAA Handball Ireland

Handball fans are in for a treat as from today on (Tuesday 14th August), you can watch Live HD coverage of key matches in the 2018 World Handball Championships in Minnesota free at the below link, supplied by the WPH (World Players of Handball). See below for the broadcast schedule.

Tuesday 14th August – 1-Wall Finals (US Times = +6hrs)

  • 11am: Women’s Wallball Open Final – Danielle Daskalakis (NY) vs Martina McMahon (IRE)
  • 12pm: Men’s Wallball Open Final – Vlad Klym (NJ) vs Connor McElduff (IRE)
  • 2pm: Men’s Wallball Open Doubles Final – Paudi Quish/Conor McElduf (IRE/IRE) vs Vlad Klym/Ingmar McKenzie (NJ/NY)

Wednesday 15th August – Mens Open Last 16 (4-Wall) – US Times = +6hrs

  • 10:00am K. Carroll/Fernandez or Papathemetrios/Bell/Cooney
  • 11:00am McCarthy/Q Foley vs McElduff/Perez
  • 12:00pm D. Cordova/Herrera vs Collado/Nash
  • 1:00pm Nett/T. Carroll vs Clerkin/Lenning
  • 2:00pm Crehan/Pesch vs D. Foley/Ortiz OR Peixoto/Langmack vs McLoughlin/L. Cordova
  • 3:00pm Mulkerrins/Hillgren vs Castro/Gregan
  • 4:00pm Daly/Torres vs Brady/Streibeg/Sayed