Junior C singles championship + updated list of knockout matches

Below is the updated pairings for our county junior C singles championship. Players are advised to check the amended County Championship Fixture 11-16 for more details

For the updated list of knockout matches click HERE

R16 Match 1 Winner of Group A Anthony Butler (BAH) v 4th in Group D Laurence Dunne (KIL)
R16 Match 2 Winner of Group B Fergal McWilliams (HOW) v 4th in Group C Eugene English (BAH)
R16 Match 3 Winner of Group C David Stanners (STM) v 4th in Group B Liam Rossiter (BAH)
R16 Match 4 Winner of Group D John Murphy (KIL) v 4th in Group A James Nolan (KIL)
R16 Match 5 2nd in Group A Mick Carty (STJ) v 3rd in Group D James Stanners (STM)
R16 Match 6 2nd in Group B Paddy Curran (STM) v 3rd in Group C Phil Coleman (BAM)
R16 Match 7 2nd in Group C Sean Flood (STJ) v 3rd in Group B Bryan Kehoe (CAB)
R16 Match 8 2nd in Group D v Patrick Boland (TLU) 3rd in Group A Kevin Doyle (DAT)
R8 Match 9   Winner of match 1 v Anthony Butler (BAH) Winner of match 6 C Phil Coleman (BAM)
R8 Match 10 Winner of match 2 Fergal McWilliams (HOW) v Winner of match 5 James Stanners (STM)
R8 Match 11  Winner of match 3 David Stanners (STM) v Winner of match 8 Patrick Boland (TLU)
R8 Match 12 Winner of match 4 John Murphy (KIL) v Winner of match 7 Sean Flood (STJ)