Records tumble as Wexford players dominate Leinster championship

Last year’s record haul of 14 Leinster 60×30 adult titles has been smashed as the magnificent handballers of Wexford continue to enjoy unprecedented success across a whole plethora of grades and age groups writes AOB. The catalyst for the success is undoubtedly the massive programme of domestic activity promoted by the County Committee, which is designed to bring the very best out of the players ahead of the provincial championships.

The Wexford championships are formatted so that players get a lot of games and with the competitions run on a league basis more players remain in contention for longer periods. This means more competitive games in all grades and results in fitter and better players when the Leinster championships come around.

The full list of winners to date show the extend of the Wexford domination in Leinster in the past few weeks;
Intermediate singles – Mikie Berry
Intermediate doubles – Mikie Berry/Jim Berry
Junior singles – Paul Lambert
Junior doubles – Paul Lambert/Paddy Haughton or David Kenny/Niall Maher (all Wexford final)
Under 21 singles – Galen Riordan
Under 21 doubles – Galen Riordan/Bryan Kehoe
Minor doubles – Keith Armstrong/Daniel Kavanagh
Junior B singles – Padhraic Roberts
Over 35 A singles – Gavin Buggy
Over 35 A doubles – Gavin Buggy/Barry McWilliams
Masters B singles – John Roche
Masters B doubles – John Roche/Damien Kelly
Golden Masters B singles – Stephen Murphy
Golden Masters B doubles – Stephen Murphy/Brendan Murphy
Emerald Masters B singles – Jimmy Dunne
Emerald Masters B doubles – Michael Rossiter/Billy Rossiter
Diamond Masters B singles – Billy Rossiter
Diamond Masters B doubles – John Bail/Miley Byrne