New style team leagues due to get underway next week

Two brand new team competitions are about to be introduced into the Wexford calender of events and these are due to get underway in week beginning March 7th.

The difficulty for clubs in fielding 4 players of a similar standard or grade has always trumped the importance of having successful team events in handball, but a formula has now been found that is guaranteed to overcome that particular issue. Teams of four will now be made up of players from different clubs, with each team having players ranked from 1 to 4. 

Players ranked 1 and 2 on each team will play against similarly ranked players on the other teams, as will players ranked 3 and 4. In a noval proposal, bonus points will be awarded for, completing the fixture, winning games, winning by a particular margin and losing by a particular margin etc. The system is designed not just to make every game count, but every ace as well and it should ensure a closely contested tie on each occasion. 

There will be two events run, a junior/masters competition and a junior C/junior D event, and between them 40 players will be involved. A small number of subs have also been named in case of emergencies, as postponements are unlikely to be facilitated. 

To see the full competitions document click 2022 County 4-Wall Team Events Full Documentation