National Strategic Plan is launched by GAA Handball

Written by County Development Officer Antóin Ó Braoin

The timely introduction of the GAA Handball National Strategic Plan is to be warmly welcomed as our game attempts to find its feet again after a long and protracted lockdown. The plan certainly does not lack ambition, but rather than be intimated by its contents, I encourage our members to embrace it and look at where it can take our sport during its lifetime. 

Like all plans, to have any measure of success this one will require members to be forward thinking, and to not fear change. If the lockdown has done anything positive at all, it has forced many sporting organisations to look within themselves and to find a better way way of doing things. Handball needs to change too.

The key word throughout the plan and indeed the key word on the ground as to what is required is development and this applies to absolutely every level of the organisation. A major rebuilding task awaits us all, but this plan provides us with a template on what our objectives should be as we set about growing and upgrading our organisation.

Click the link to see the full plan. 

Handball_StrategicPlan21 final.pdf(Review)- Adobe Document Cloud