Memories from 1908: Ullard rallying call for handball players

A poem penned by ‘A Well Wisher’ Ullard, February 17th 1908 and published in the New Ross Standard on 28th February 1908, entitled;


On the boys of this parish I now wish to call, to renew their exertions at the handball.

There’s a challenge on hands if right I remember, ‘twas spoken of “amongst them” I think in September.

So rally boys rally and then we will see, as to snatching the victory from Muckalee.

And now to refer to the victories won, Ballyanne, Ballinaboola and Borris must own.

Marley also to beat us have tried, but our combination their efforts defied.

Go rally boys rally and stick to the game, that our toast to all comers may still be the same.

Of the teams we’ve met and like wise did play, it is my intention a good word to say.

When going to Ballyanne, though not too far, we went into Graig and rode on a car.

With them we had fun and refreshments galore, and when we were ready came home through The Rower.

In Marley likewise a spree and a treat, such fine jolly fellows we never did meet.

There in a barn full to the door, surely its there we go play anymore.

The boys and the girls each took a part, to ever think of leaving would break one’s heart.

The Ballinaboola boys may with practise I bet, turn the tables on the Ullard chaps yet.

But to succeed they must by the rules abide, or else the laurels with us shall reside.

Those players, to be sure, are jolly all round, though they never met us but on neutral ground.

Now to Borris with me I wish you to go, this is a small town in county Carlow.

There in a court that’s built in the town, right royally we their banners pulled down.

Though they played with skill and many a paste, but this feast our valour deterred not the least.

Now the winter is gone and some of the spring, so let us wake up and try for to bring.

To our court here in Ullard, at once a match, ‘twill help to keep all the boys on the watch.

So rally boys rally, elect a committee, draw up your accounts and give us a spree.