Many new and deserving names win Leading Qualifier medals in county 4 wall league

The decision to award Leading Qualifier medals to all who topped the table in their respective division in the county 4 wall league is being warmly welcomed by the clubs of Wexford.

The decision was made in the knowledge that about 30% of those who top the table in Wexford competitions, fall at either the semi final or final stage and the medal is an acknowledgement of that particular achievement in its own right and separate from those awarded to winners and runners in the competition.

Lending weight to the argument in favour of awarding such a medal was the fact that only 6 players in 11 divisions managed to avoid defeat in the league stages, making it highly possible that a number of those who topped the table may not go on to claim outright victory. In that situation in particular, their achievement of finishing the league stage on top is worthy of separate recognition.

Those who remain undefeated throughout the league stages were:

Gavin Buggy (STY) D1, Joe Devereux (CAB) D4, Shay Byrne (KIL) D8, Tomas O’Shea (DAT) D9, Liam Murphy (CAB) D10 and Lucia Merrigan (COG) D11

Other table toppers who will also receive Leading Qualifier medals are;

Terry Gainfort (CAB) D2, David Stanners (STM) D3, James Nolan (KIL) D5, Shane Terry (STJ) D6 and Paul Murphy (KIL) D7.


13 of Wexford’s 14 clubs will be represented at the semi final stage, with Castlebridge and Kilmyshall each having 7 players through, followed by St. Josephs with 5, St. Mary’s and Templeudigan with 4 each, Ballyhogue, Bridgetown and Coolgreany on 3, Ballymitty, Davidstown and St. Mary’s on 2 and Horeswood and Taghmon with 1.