Hopes and fears take hold as the Leinster 60×30 championship gets underway


The World Handball Championships in Canada may be just over two months away but it is the unique sound of the alleycracker which is set to reverberate with greater intensity throughout the province from 10th June when the opening games in this years Leinster 60×30 championship take place. For a few it will be the first steps on a long and winding road which they expect will end with a winners medal in their pocket, while for others the journey will represent their sole ‘pilgrimage’ outside the county, the inevitable early defeat and the end of their ‘dream’ for another year.

Unless of course there is the shock result. We all want to be the one producing it but what if we are on the receiving end?

For the majority of players in the championship though the trip will be undertaken with those dangerous companions ‘hope’ and ‘doubt’ in tow, as they chase that elusive winners medal with renewed vigor. Bolstered by the hope that they are good enough to make the breakthrough but harbouring a doubt or two about their ability to produce a match winning performance. Dangerous because when things go right for this type of player, ambition and determination is usually joined by belief and that is a winning combination in most cases.

One thing is certain. Winning has become more difficult nowadays because those taking part want it more. Wanting it more means training harder and training smarter. With handball becoming a bigger part of their lives, winning has become an imperative for many players, even (or maybe especially) those who are not the automatic favourites to succeed. That makes the vast majority of those who enter harder to beat and makes for a better provincial competition.

Time was when the Leinster championship was frequented by more ‘pilgrims’ than serious players, but not anymore.

Are you ready?

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