GAA Handball Wexford 2015 County semi finals by grade

Below are the 2015 county 40×20 semi final pairings by grade. Provisional dates have been applied to some of these as the player(s) involved are available at weekends only or are on shift-work. As our bye laws permit no changes once these fixtures have been issued, Club Secretaries are asked to check with their players immediately regarding unavailable dates. This applies even if they have already done so earlier in the championship.
Fixtures will be issued tomorrow afternoon with some games this coming weekend and the others commencing on Monday next. All semi finals will be played before Christmas in line with our Clár.
Senior Open Singles              
Gavin Buggy (STJ) v Darren O’Toole (COG) 14/12
Tommy Hynes (STY) v Paul Lambert (STJ) 17/12
Senior Open Doubles (Final) 
Tommy Hynes/ Colin Keeling (STY) v Gavin Buggy/Paul Lambert (STJ)
Intermediate Singles             
Paul Lambert (STJ) v Noel Holohan (TLU)
Benny Doyle (HOW) bye
Junior Singles         
Darren O’Toole (COG) v Malachy Whelan (CAB) 19/12
Galen Riordan (BAH) v Barry McWilliams (HOW) 20/12
Junior Doubles
Jimmy Goggins/Jimmy Goggins (NER) v Noel Holohan/David Redmond (TLU)
Malachy Whelan/John Roche (CAB) v Michéal O’Neill/Kevin Cowman (TLU)
Minor Singles (Final)             
Keith Armstrong (KIL) v Daniel Kavanagh (STJ)
Junior B Singles     
Michéal Busher (BRT) v Robert Byrne (BRT) 17/12
Keith Armstrong (KIL) v Paddy Cheevers (HOW)
Junior B Doubles (Final)
Michéal Busher/Robert Byrne (BRT) v Niall Maher/Keith Armstrong (KIL)
Junior C Singles      
Robert Doyle (STJ) or Sean Flood (STJ) v Anthony Butler (BAH)
Sean Stanners (STM) or Tomas Murphy (KIL) v Michael Goggins (NER) or James Stanners (STM)
Junior C Doubles
Fergal McWilliams/Danny McWilliams (HOW) v Mick Carty/PJ Lacey (STJ)
Sean Stanners/James Stanners (STM) v Anthony Butler/Eugene English (BAH)
Junior D Singles     
Paddy Curran (STM) v Liam Rossiter (BAH) 14/12
Alan Armstrong (KIL) v David Stanners (STM) 20/12
Junior D Doubles
Kiall Byrne/Robbie Codd (TLU) v Liam Rossiter/Enda Minogue (BAH)
Alan Armstrong/Laurence Dunne (KIL) v Brian Busher/ Ciaran Busher (BRT) 21/12
35 & Over Singles  
Paddy Cheevers (HOW) v John Murphy (KIL)
David Stanners (STM) v James Stanners (STM)
35 & Over Doubles (Final)
Alan O’Neill/JR Finn (BAM) v James Stanners/David Stanners (STM
Masters B Singles  
Barry McWilliams (HOW) v Sean Stanners (STM) or David Redmond (TLU)
Robert Byrne (BRT) v Robert Doyle (STJ) v Damien Kelly (COG) 20/12
Masters B Doubles
Damien Kelly/Ned Connors (COG) v Richard Ryan/Thomas Cummins (HOW)
Robert Doyle/Mick Carty (STJ) v Phil Coleman/Shane Rossiter (BAM)
Golden Masters B Singles (Round robin)
Mick Armstrong (KIL) dft Andrew Corish (HOW) 21-11, 21-14
Eugene English (BAH) v Andrew Corish (HOW)
Mick Armstrong (KIL) v Eugene English (BAH)
Emerald Masters A Singles (Final)
Benny Doyle (HOW) v Fintan Doyle (BAT)
Emerald Masters B Singles
Michael Rossiter (BAH) v Tom Byrne (KIL)
Jimmy Dunne (KIL) v Eamon Bowe (DAT)
Diamond Masters A Singles (Final)
Jim Doyle (BAT) v Tony Breen (TLU)
Diamond Masters Doubles (Final)
Billy Rossiter/Sonny Sheils (BAH) v John Bail/Jim Bergin (STM)
Women’s Junior Singles
Holly Hynes (STY) v Roisin Walsh (STJ)
Marguerite Gore (STY) v Cora Doyle (STJ)
Women’s Junior Doubles (Final)
Marguerite Gore/Holly Hynes (STY) v Roisin Walsh/Cora Doyle (STJ)  
Women’s Junior C Singles (Final)
Tara Doyle (STM) v Courtney Browne (COG)