GAA Handball Playing Rule changes

Ahead of the return to competitive action from 10th August, all players and officials are reminded of the new Playing Rule changes passed earlier this year. The Dead Ball Hinder in particular needs to be applied straight from the return to training tomorrow so that players get used to seeing how this will work in practice.

The Timeouts rule change increases the timeout from 30 seconds to 60 seconds and while this applies only in Diamond Masters and Over 70 in softball, it applies to all grades and ages in 4-wall.

Rule Amendment 1 – * Dead Ball Hinders *

Rule 4.7 A(2): Ball hits Opponent. When a returned ball touches an opponent on the fly before hitting the front wall. However, if the shot obviously would not have reached the front wall on the fly, in the referee’s opinion, the player who is hit by the shot will be awarded the rally.

  • Key Change Explained: Previously during Irish Championship play, if a ball touched an opponent on the fly before hitting the front wall, it was an automatic hinder. This is no longer an automatic call.

Rule Amendment 2 – * Timeouts *

Rule 4.10 A(1): Timeouts must not exceed 60 seconds

  • Key Change Explained: Previously, timeouts in All-Ireland Championship matches were of max 30 second duration. Going forward, all timeouts in Irish Handball will be of max 60 second duration.