Davidstown rebuilding is well underway

Written by Antóin Ó Braoin

It’s an ill wind……

In the aftermath of the storm

When Storm Ophelia arrived on our shores back on 16th October 2017 it spelt bad news for Davidstown Courtnacuddy GAA Club at Boolabawn, not far from Enniscorthy town. The storm hit the area hard leaving destruction in its wake and inflicting severe damage to the GAA clubhouse, dressing rooms and handball alley areas of the building.

Members were left devastated by the setback but the determination that has sustained them since their formation in the mid 1950s came to the forefront and the committee resolved to replace the damaged building with a brand new clubhouse and handball alley.   

Now, more than 4 years on, the shape of the new structure is beginning to emerge and its hoped the building can be completed by the end of 2022 or thereabouts.

The handball court in the early stages of construction

Handball Club Chairman Tomás O’Shea is delighted to see a new handball alley included in the project. “Handball has been an integral part of the club here at Boolabawn for a very long time and it will be great for members to have a modern playing facility to return to” he said. In the absence of their own alley Davidstown handballers have continued to play in county championships and leagues but in the meantime they’ve had to rely on other clubs facilitating them for practice matches and training etc. Current club members taking part in county and league competitions include Tomás O’Shea, Kevin Doyle, James Greene, Eamonn Bowe, Tim Harrington, Paul Doyle, Dom Stafford and juveniles Tommy O’Shea and Billy Doyle.

In addition to local use when reopened, the proximity of this court to the centre of the county is likely to see it used for many county games, and possibly some intercounty matches as well, thus ensuring plenty of handball activity at the Boolabawn venue into the future.  

Ophelia may have won the opening round in this story and like other momentous occasions down through the years the happening will rightly take its place in the clubs history, but it will not be THE story. This is being written by the gaels of a rural club who refused to let nature do them down and whose efforts will result in a brand new modern building that will be used for the benefit of local handball, hurling, camogie and football enthusiasts of all ages. 

The power of Ophelia is no match for the power of the people, when GAA folk pull together!