County Wall Ball Juvenile Championships

Boys Under 9

Tuesday, 19th August
Ballymitty (6.30pm)
 R16     A.         6.30    Joshua Roche (CAB) v Tadhg Moore (STJ)
 R8       B.         6.45    Bobby Doyle (STJ) v Ryan Moran (BAM)
              C.         7.00    Eoin Roche (BAM) v Rory Gilbert (STJ)
              D.        7.15    Shane Kehoe (STY) v Jack Murphy (STJ)
              E.         7.45    Jamie Barnes (STY) v Joshua Roche (CAB) or Tadhg Moore (STJ)
Thursday, 21st August
Ballymitty (6.30pm)
R4       F.         7.00    B v C
              G.         7.15    D v E
Final  H.        8.15    F v G

Boys Under 11

Tuesday, 19th August
Ballymitty (6.30pm)
R8       A.          7.30   Conor Dobbs (STJ) v Ben Keeling (STJ)
Thursday, 21st August
Ballymitty (6.30pm)
R4        B.         7.30    Mark Doyle (STJ) v Conor Dobbs (STJ) or Ben Keeling (STJ)
               C.         7.45    Robbie Hillis (STJ) v Conor Murphy (STJ)
Final   D.        8.30    B v C

Girls Under 11

Thursday, 21st August
Ballymitty (6.30pm)
R4        A.         6.30    April Moran (BAM) v Jody Keeling (STJ)
               B.         6.45    Danielle Kinsella (BAM) v Emily Moran (BAM)
Final   C.         8.00    A. v B
All players should be at the venue each evening at 6.30pm.
All matches are of 10 minutes duration (or first to 21 aces, whichever comes first)
One foul ball will be a hand out.
If players finish level after 10 minutes the the tie-break will be the first to 5 aces.
The player serving will continue to serve.