County Wall Ball Competitions

All members and units should note we are seeking entries for our County Wall Ball competitions in the following grades;
GRADE                                               GRADING
Open                                                        Intercounty senior
Men’s A                                                   Intercounty intermediate
Men’s B                                                   Intercounty junior
Women’s B                                             Intercounty junior
Men’s C                                                   Intercounty junior B
Women’s C                                             Intercounty junior B
Men’s Challenger                                  Junior C or D player
Women’s Challenger                            Junior C or D player
Masters                                                   40 and over
Silver Masters                                        45 and over
Golden Masters                                     50 and over
Diamond Masters                                  60 and over

The higher grade will apply if a player is graded differently in 60×30 and 40×20

For example:  if a player is junior in one court and junior B in another his/her wall ball grading will be junior.

The competition finals including juvenile will take place at St. Josephs on Saturday, 13th June from 9am. Subject to entries we may decide to have the semi finals on that morning with the finals following after a short break.

R16 and R8 matches (and possibly some or all semi finals) will be played between 2nd June and 9th June, depending on entries.

Closing date for receipt of adult entries will be Friday next 29th May so those intending taking part should contact their Club Secretary without delay.

Entries for our juvenile competitions are already in.