County Juvenile Plate Competition Moved To Bree

Due to the unavailability of St. Josephs on Sunday morning next the Plate competition has been switched to Bree.
Sunday February 1st
At Bree
10.00am               BU10     R8           A             Conor O’ Brien (BAH) vs Jack Murphy (STJ)
10.15am               BU10     R8           B             John Connors (COG) vs Ben Asple (BAH)
10.30am               BU10     SF            C             Conor Horan (COG) vs Winner A
10.45am               BU10     SF            D             Eoin Roche (BAM) vs Winner B
11.00am               BU9       Final                       Lucas Kehoe (STY) vs Jack Creane (STJ)
11.15am               BU10      Final                      Winner C vs Winner D

Plate Competition Rules
Matches to be played over 15 minutes using the three serve rule with points scored whether serving or receiving. A toss of coin to decide order of serve and one short ball or foul serve to result in a score against the server.​