County Juvenile B fixtures (amended)

 ‘B’ Competition
Players who are beaten in the quarter finals of the singles championship and those who finished second in the earlier group matches will play off for the B competition on a knockout basis. Matches to be best of 3 x 15 except when a previous winner is involved (see below*). This can be run when the championships have been completed. The seeding is to be as previously decided for the championship quarter finals and no player is to play a quarter final against someone who had been in their group in the earlier round. B quarter finals and semi-finals to be played on the same weekend at multiple venues.
All B finals are to be played on the same day.
*Previous winners of B grades are to play to 15 in each game, with opponents who have not won a B grade playing to 11 in each game. Players who win the B grade a second time are to play to 15 in each game with opponents playing to 9. In cases where previous equal winners of B grades meet, the games are to be best of three x 15 aces. In cases where one player has won the B on one occasion and the other on two occasions the player having won it once plays to 11 while the player who has won it twice plays to 15.
 B winner from 2014

Boys under 10 Singles Bobby Doyle St. Josephs

 Saturday, January 17th
Quarter final at Coolgreany
6.00pm                 BU12     (SF2)      Scot Leonard (COG) vs Tommy Connors (COG)
Sunday January 18th
Semi Finals
At Bree
10.20am               BU17     (SF1)      Shane Murphy (BRT) vs Conor Nolan (COG)
10.40am               BU14     (SF1)      Quinton Kehoe (BAM) vs Padraig Lacey (BAM)
At St Josephs
10.20am               BU12     (SF1)      Ryan Boland (COG) vs Conor Murphy (STJ)
10.40am               BU12     (SF2)      Rory Dobbs (STJ) v Scot Leonard (COG) or Tommy Connors (COG)
Saturday/Sunday January 24th-25th
B Finals at venues to be decided
BU9        (F)          Odhran Kehoe (BAH) vs Liam Parnell (BAH)
BU10     (F)          Bobby Doyle (STJ) v Shane Kehoe (STY)
BU11     (F)          Mylie Connors (COG) vs Eamonn O’Shea (TLU)
BU12     (F)          Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2
BU13     (F)          Michael Gaynor (BAM) vs Jake Kelly (COG)
BU14     (F)          Jack Murphy (STJ) vs Winner SF1
BU15     (F)          Ciarán Connolly (TLU) vs Richard Stanners (STM)
BU17     (F)          Ciaran Busher (BRT) vs Winner SF1
GU15     (F)          Aishling Hennessy (BAM) vs Lucia Merrigan (COG)
Saturday/Sunday January 31-February 1st
Plate Competition – medals for all participants
BU9        Final                       Lucas Kehoe (STY) v Jack Creane (STJ)
BU10     R8           A             Conor Horan (COG) bye
BU10     R8           B             Conor O’ Brien (BAH) vs Jack Murphy (STJ)
BU10     R8           C             John Connors (COG) vs Ben Asple (BAH)
BU10     R8           D             Eoin Roche (BAM) bye
BU10     SF           E              Winner A vs Winner B
BU10     SF           F              Winner C vs Winner D
BU10     F             G              Winner E vs Winner F