County 40×20 juvenile singles final report

Report courtesy of Virginia Rossiter, Barry McWilliams and Robert Doyle
The 2016 county 40×20 juvenile singles finals took place on Sunday last at Coolgreany and St. Josephs and good games were the order of the day as the cream of Wexford handball pitted their wits against each other.
BU8 Blitz

Four U8s made their debut in the world of handball today when they played their first ever handball games. These young guns couldn’t wait to get into the court, where they showed great skill at such a young age, and most of all had so much fun they couldn’t take the smiles off their faces. Conor Doyle (STJ) Jack Goggins (NER) Nathan Lawlor (BAT) and Johnny Cash (NER) all played each other and juvenile handball in Wexford looks bright with these little stars coming up.

BU10 Jamie Barnes (STY) dft Rory Gilbert (STJ)

In the BU10, Jamie Barnes St Marys faced Rory Gilbert St.Josephs. Everyone expected this to be a thriller and the boys didn’t disappoint. In the first, Rory served strongly and there were some great rallies with Jamie battling hard but Rory took the game. The second game saw Jamie settle and produce some great serves and kills which proved tough going for Rory. He never gave up but it was Jamie who took the game. The tiebreaker had some excellent rallies, great picks and fantastic back wall play. It was to be the man from St Mary’s day however as Jamie took the title.

BU11 Bobby Doyle (STJ) dft Shane Kehoe (STY)

Next up was BU11, where Bobby Doyle St Josephs and Shane Kehoe St Marys faced off. These two chaps have met on a few occasions so we knew this would be a close encounter. Shane had some excellent serves in the first game which Bobby couldn’t handle so Shane took first game. Bobby got going in the second and got his serve going to take the game. In the tie breaker both boys had great serving and fantastic rallies, but Bobby just got over the line to take the title.

BU12 Johnny Goggins (STJ) dft Miley Connors (COG)

The first game on the programme was BU12 with Johnny Goggins St Josephs vs Miley Connors Coolgreany. The St Josephs player powered straight into the lead from the get go with a fantastic serve which the Coolgreany chap found impossible to return. Miley didn’t give up however, the youngster chased after every ball to the best of his ability but unfortunately it wasn’t to be his day as Johnny won on a scoreline of 2-0. Both boys should be proud of their achievements and I’ve no doubt we will see them in action again very soon.

BU13 Mark Doyle (STJ) dft Cathal Cummins (BAM)

BU13 was the final game of the day and it was a St Josephs and Ballymitty final with Mark Doyle and Cathal Cummins. Mark got off to a great start but Cathal settled quickly and fought back hard. They had some great rallies but Mark was just too strong and took the first game. In the second, Marks serve proved to be too tough for Cathal and with some great passing and kills shots Mark took the second game comfortably.

BU14 Josh Kavanagh (STJ) dft Richard Lawlor (STJ)

BU14 was always going to be a thriller between Josh Kavanagh and Richard Lawlor, both St Josephs, and it certainly lived up to the mark. Game one was a tough battle with some great rally’s and Richard picking some great balls to take the game. In the second game, Josh really settled down with some fantastic kill shots and excellent serving to take the game. The tiebreaker was an epic battle, with great serving from Josh and Richard. Both showed great determination to never give up they had some great rallies but it was Josh’s excellent passing and kills shots that took the title.

BU15 Glen Murphy (STY) dft Jack Murphy (STJ)

BU15 was a St Josephs and St Mary’s final between Jack Murphy and Glen Murphy. Despite Jack being with the Doctor earlier in the morning, he still turned up and tried hard in the first game but Glen took the game. In the second game Jack found things too hard and had to retire from the match.

BU16 Josh McMahon (STJ) dft Ciaran Power (COG)

Next on the programme was BU16 with Josh McMahon St Josephs vs Ciaran Power Coolgreany. Ciaran took a while to settle in the first game, giving his opponent plenty of opportunities to gain aces, opportunities which he didn’t fail to take and which resulted in the St Josephs chap winning the first game. In the second game, the Coolgreany chap seemed to return with fighting spirit. Both lads wanted this game bad which resulted in a lot of cover balls as each player, in their eagerness to return the ball, got in each others way. This game was a more evenly matched game compared to the first, with both playing well and being neck and neck for a lot of the game, but in the end it was the St Josephs player who edged in front and won the game on a narrow scoreline.

BU17 Anthony Butler (BAH) dft Patrick Boland (TLU)

The final game on the programme was the BU17 between Anthony Butler Ballyhogue and Patrick Boland, Templeudigan. These two players are well used to playing against each other as they have been opponents in many a final in both 40×20 and 60×30. With them being so evenly matched in the past, it was anyone’s guess as to who would win. It was the Ballyhogue man who took control of the first game from the start. Patrick didn’t appear to be on form and was soon loosing 15-3. Patrick fought back to a scoreline of 18-12 but it was the Ballyhogue man who finished off the game. The second game turned out to be a carbon copy of the first as Patrick let opportunities go a begging which Anthony took advantage of. The second game ended on the same scoreline as the first with the Ballyhogue man winning comfortably. It was unfortunate that the Templeudigan player was competing while not being in full health, which I’m sure hindered his play. This will not be the last we see of these two talented players facing off against each other.

GU12 Jodie Keeling (STJ) dft Ellie Murphy-OGorman (STJ)

GU12 was two St Josephs with Jodie Keeling and Ellie Murphy O’Gorman facing off, having met on many occasions before. Jodie got off to a great start and Ellie never settled. Jodie took the first. Ellie settled in the second and got a great serve going with Jodie found hard to return, so took the second game. In the tiebreaker both girls played some excellent handball and had great rallies but Jodie, meeting a lot of ball, proved a little bit strong and took the title.

GU13 April Moran (BAM) dft Danielle Kinsella (BAM)

In GU13 it was an all Ballymitty affair. April Moran and Danielle Kinsella are well used to one another. With some great serves from April in the first game Danielle found them hard to return, she battled hard but April took the first game. The second game was going the same way with April and her strong serve but Danielle never gave. She hadn’t enough however and April took the title back to Ballymitty.

GU15 Cliodhna O’Connell (COG) wo Chloe Doyle (STM)

Unfortunately, due to ill-health, Chloe Doyle of St Martins had to concede a walkover to Coolgreany girl Cliodhna O O’Connell in GU15.

GU16 Cora Doyle (STJ) dft Emma Sweeney (STJ)
First off the mark this morning was the GU16 final where two St.Josephs girls, Cora Doyle and Emma Sweeney, met once again. The first game was closely fought with Emma really putting it up Cora but Cora with a few excellent kill shots closed it out to win the first. Cora proved too strong in the second game and Emma never really got going. It ended with another great win for Cora.