Connors a different class….

Report by Padhraic Roberts
Miley Connors (Wexford) v Martin Marley (Donegal) All Ireland Junior B semi finals at Castlebridge

Miley Connors, Wexford and Martin Marley, Donegal.
Miley Connors, Wexford and Martin Marley, Donegal.

Marley of Donegal commenced proceedings with serve and made an ace before the Wexford man took serve.  Connors served some great balls and made the score 4-1 before committing the dreadful sin of loosing his toss to two fouls.  The Barntown man then retook serve 4-3 up. From here the Wexford man really settled into the game and forced his oppinent to the rear of the alley with some great shots out of the left corncontinually meined with some good serving left Connors with a commanding lead of 13-3 before the Donegal man retook the toss. However this was short lived as Connors played a splendid passing to retake serve. At this point of the game Connors was in total control and eased to a 16-3 lead before loosing his toss but once again he retook serve without dropping a point. The Wexford man then made two aces before his opponent took serve and made an ace. Both players then exchanged aces until Connors won the first 21-5 with a beautiful kill shot to the right corner.
The second game began with Miley Connors to serve and he hit the ground at a frightening pace as his oopponent fell to a 0-7 scorline before taking serve . The Donegal man then made an ace however Connors was showing killer instint and took control of serve once again. From here Connors totally controlled proceedings before loosing his toss 15-1 up. Connors briefly lost the toss but immediately regained it with a beautiful open handed kill shot off the side wall much to the appreciation of the large crowd. To the credit of the Donegal man he continually battled hard but the pure class and ability of Connors was far too great . Connors won the second game on a scoreline of 21-5 and knows that a much tougher task lies ahead if him in the All Ireland final.