Club Locator & Picture

Please note below request for information from our National Manager. If clubs have any difficulty in responding to any aspect of this I am available to help in any way required.
Antóin Ó Bráoin, Rúnaí Loch Garman
A chara
We are currently in the process of redesigning our website as part of an overall media strategy aimed at improving exposure of the game of Handball.
As part of the redesign one of the key features will be a comprehensive Club Locator that will give clubs a platform to promote their clubs on the National website. The Club Locator will provide details of every club in Ireland with contact details and directions to the venue and will be an invaluable promotional tool for our clubs.
Clubs are required to submit club details via the online form below which include geo-cordinates of the club for driving directions and also a photograph of the club/facilities. The photo must be in landscape format and be of high quality. A sample picture is attached.

Please return any attachments (photos/crests etc) to this email address

I would be grateful if you could forward the form at the below link to your Handball contacts at your earliest convenience to enable us to update our records. This has been sent to our club list already but so far a very poor response has been recorded. I would ask that you give this a push with your clubs as this will be a valuable resource on the new website but will only be possible with the co-operation of the clubs.
The form is located at the below link.
Is mise le meas,
John Kelly
National Manager
GAA Handball