Club Annual General Meeting

All units are reminded of the need to organise their Annual General Meeting before the end of November. Extracts from the official GAA Club Constitution below show the procedure to be followed. Units are advised to familiarise themselves with the entire Club Constitution ahead of their AGM. This can be found in the Club Information Pack elsewhere on this website.
8.3 An Annual General Meeting shall be held at such time as shall be decided upon by the Executive Committee, but insofar as is practical shall be held before the end of November each year.
8.4 The following business shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting: (a) Adoption of Standing Orders. (b) Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting. (c) Consideration of the Annual Report submitted by the Secretary. (d) Consideration of the Financial Statements including the Report of the Accountant(s) or Auditor(s) (e) The Chairperson’s Address. (f) Election of Officers and Members of the Executive Committee. (g) Notices of Motion. (h) Other Business
8.5 The Annual General meeting of the Club shall be called in the following manner:
8.5.1 The Executive Committee shall decide upon a date, time and place for the meeting, allowing adequate time to meet the time limits set out hereunder.
8.5.2 Once the date of the Annual General Meeting has been fixed, the Secretary shall give at least twenty-eight days notice in writing to the members of such date, at the same time inviting nominations for election to the Executive Committee for the following year and motions for consideration at the Annual General meeting, also specifying that such nominations and motions shall be received by him by a date not less than twenty one days prior to the date fixed for the meeting.
8.5.3 The Secretary shall then, on or after the date specified for return to him of such Nominations and Motions, but so as to give the members ten days clear notice before the meeting, circulate to the members the following documentation: (a) Copy of the Agenda for the meeting. (b) Copy of the Annual Report of the Secretary. (c) Copy of the Financial Statements, including the Report of the Accountant(s) or Auditor(s) (d) Details of the Nominations for election to the Executive Committee.
8.10 No business shall be transacted at any General Meeting unless a quorum of members is present at the time when the meeting proceeds to business. Save as herein otherwise provided, twenty per cent of Full Members eligible to vote shall be a quorum at a General Meeting.
8.11 If within half an hour after the time appointed for a General Meeting, a quorum of members is not present, the meeting if convened on the requisition of members shall be dissolved; in any other case it shall stand adjourned to the same day in the following week, at the same time and place; and if at the reconvened meeting a quorum of members is not present within half an hour after the time appointed for the meeting, the members then present shall be a quorum.
8.12 The Chairperson, and failing him the Vice-Chairperson, shall preside as Chairperson at every General Meeting of the Club.
8.13 If there is no such Chairperson, or if at any meeting he is not present within thirty minutes after the time appointed for the holding of the meeting, the members then present shall choose someone of their number who is a member of the Executive Committee to be Chairperson of the meeting, and if there shall be no Member of the Executive Committee present, then the members shall elect any one of their number to be Chairperson of the Meeting.
8.14 The Chairperson may, with the consent of the meeting, adjourn the meeting from time to time and from place to place, but no business shall be transacted at any reconvened meeting other than the business left unfinished at the meeting from which the adjournment took place.
8.15 Failure to comply strictly with the time limits set out in this Constitution and Rules or the non receipt of Notice of a Meeting by any persons entitled to receive notice shall not invalidate the proceedings at that meeting, but shall entitle the majority of members present to seek and be granted an adjournment of the meeting to such date by which they would be given an adequate time to be furnished with and consider the contents of any relevant documentation.
VOTING 9.1 Only Full Members, whose membership fees are paid up to date in accordance with Rule 6.2, and who are not suspended or disqualified under this Constitution and Rules or the Official Guide, shall be eligible to vote at a General Meeting.
APPENDIX 3 CLUB CONSTITUTION AND RULES 9.2 A Chairperson of a General Meeting, Executive Committee meeting or any Sub-Committee meeting shall, in the event of a tie, whether on a show of hands or on a ballot, have a casting vote in addition to his vote as a member, other than for the election to any position, when the outcome in the event of a tie shall be decided by lot.
9.3 At any General Meeting a resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on the show of hands, unless, before or on the declaration of the result of the show of hands, a ballot is demanded: (a) by the Chairperson (b) by at least five members present and entitled to vote.
9.4 Unless a ballot is so demanded, a declaration by the Chairperson that a resolution has on the show of hands been carried, or carried unanimously, or by a particular majority, or lost, shall be final, and an entry to that effect in the book containing the minutes of proceedings of the Club shall be conclusive evidence of the fact, without proof of the number or proportion of the votes in favour of or against such resolution.
9.5 If a ballot is so demanded, the same shall be taken in such manner as the Chairperson directs, and the result of the ballot shall be deemed to be the decision of the meeting at which the ballot was demanded.