Club Annual General Meeting

In accordance with the GAA Club Constitution all handball units are required to hold their Annual General Meeting (AGM) ahead of the County Convention and ideally early in the month of November.

The following procedure should be followed in all cases;

8.5 The Annual General meeting of the Club shall be called in the following manner:

8.5.1 The Executive Committee shall decide upon a date, time and place for the meeting, allowing adequate time to meet the time limits set out hereunder.

8.5.2 Once the date of the Annual General Meeting has been fixed, the Secretary shall give at least twenty-eight days notice in writing to the members of such date, at the same time inviting nominations for election to the Executive Committee for the following year and motions for consideration at the Annual General meeting, also specifying that such nominations and motions shall be received by him by a date not less than twenty one days prior to the date fixed for the meeting.

8.5.3 The Secretary shall then, on or after the date specified for return to him of such Nominations and Motions, but so as to give the members ten days clear notice before the meeting, circulate to the members the following documentation:
(a) Copy of the Agenda for the meeting.
(b) Copy of the Annual Report of the Secretary.
(c) Copy of the Financial Statements, including the Report of the Accountant(s) or Auditor(s)
(d) Details of the Nominations for election to the Executive Committee.

8.4 The following business shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting:
(a) Adoption of Standing Orders.
(b) Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting.
(c) Consideration of the Annual Report submitted by the Secretary.
(d) Consideration of the Financial Statements including the Report of the Accountant(s) or Auditor(s)
(e) The Chairperson’s Address.
(f) Election of Officers and Members of the Executive Committee.
(g) Notices of Motion.
(h) Other Business

It is also an imperative that all clubs submit a report on their AGM to the County Secretary ahead of County Convention each year.

Additionally, all clubs are required to adopt the Club Constitution and to have same proposed and seconded at their AGM. Any club requiring assistance or advice on this should contact a county board official who will be happy to help.