Buggy so close but no joy…

Report by Padhraic Roberts

Dominick Lynch, Kerry and Gavin Buggy, Wexford with GAA Handball President, Willie Roche
Dominick Lynch, Kerry and Gavin Buggy, Wexford with GAA Handball President, Willie Roche

Over 35 A Singles –  Dominic Lynch (Kerry) beat Gavin Buggy (Wexford) 21-16 & 21-6
Lynch from Kerry started proceedings and after a great rally Buggy killed a lovely ball off the right side wall to take serve.  Buggy made an ace before loosing his toss. The kerry players then killed a lovely ball down the left to tie up the game at one each. The next few plays  saw both players exchange scores with some top class handball on show from both players.  Buggy took serve at 2-4  and made two goocertainlyes to once again tie up the game.  Lynch then found a great toss that dripped off the right wall and ran into the left corner ,  this toss coupled with some good all round play left the kerry player 10-4 up before he loss his toss. Both players then lost their toss without a score before Buggy took serve at 12-4 down and made one. At this point Buggy dug deep and grinded out some great aces to make the score12-8. Buggy then lost his toss but at this time more concerning was that the Wexford player was holding his right hamstring and was certainly struggling at times in the alley. Lynch then made two aces before Buggy volleyed a lovely kill shot around the right corner. The next few aces were very hard fought with both players demonstrating some excellent kill shots with buggy in particular killing off the volley on several occasions on both left and right. At this point Buggy took serve and brought the score to 14-15 to the kerry player. Once Lynch took serve he made 3 aces from some excellent serving. This left the score 18-15. The Wexford player then made an ace before his opponent took serve and saw out the first game on a scoreline of 21-16. A terffic game of handball much to the appreciation of the large crowd in attendance.
Buggy started the second game and lost his toss before retaking it after his opponent made two aces. Both players then served out tosses that their opponents dispatched of easily. in the early stages of the second game the Kerry player settled into stride early on and steamed into a 7-0. Buggy then took serve but it could be clearly seen he wasn’t at 100% fitness with a hanstring injury. The Wexford player then made two aces but his kerry opponent was in fantastic form and retook serve.  The second game was dishing up some excellent handball with both players covering evert inch of the allet with some outstanding rally’s. Buggy lost his serve at 5-8 down. Lynch to his credit kepy turning the screw and making aces here and there to keep the score board ticking over. From here Lynch took control of the second game and powered into a 18-5 lead before the Wexford player absolutely flatrened a great ball down the right side. To Buggys credit he kept plugging away but on the day he met Lynch in fantastic form. The Kerry player went on the win the second 21-6  and the match.  Buggy played some brilliant handball in stages but on the day Lynch was a deserved winner who left absolutely everything in the alley to claim the top prize. Well done to both players on a very entertaining match.