Another Bumper Weekend for Wexford at 60×30 Nationals

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Today’s 60×30 Nationals proved to be another outstanding success for Wexford handball with victories recorded in several competitions.
Below is a resúme of how our players got on thus far.
Mens Open Doubles:
Mens Open Round 1:
10.00am: 1. Ger Coonan/Paul Mullins (Tipperary) dft David Hope/Shane O’Neill (Offaly/Tyrone) 31-24 
10.40am: 2. Michael Walsh/Ciaran Neary (Kilkenny) dft Michael Hedigan/Daniel Relihan (Cork) 31-6
Mens Open Quarter-Finals:
11.20am: 3. Tom Sheridan/Brian Carroll (Meath) dft Ger Coonan/Paul Mullins (Tipperary) 31-11
12.00am: 4. Dominick Lynch/CJ Fitzpatrick (Kerry/Lim) dft Robbie McCarthy/Martin Mulkerrins (Wes/Gal) 31-30
12.40pm: 5. Eoin Kennedy/Carl Browne (Dublin) dft Gavin Buggy/Tommy Hynes (Wexford) 31-25
1.20pm: 6. Michael Walsh/Ciaran Neary (Kilkenny) dft Dessie Keegan/Joe McCann (Mayo) 31-12
Mens Open PLATE Semi-Finals:
2.00pm: AA. Robbie McCarthy/Martin Mulkerrins (Wes/Gal) dft David Hope/Shane O’Neill (Offaly/Tyrone) 13-10
2.30pm: BB. Gavin Buggy/Tommy Hynes (Wexford) dft Michael Hedigan/Daniel Relihan (Cork) 21-4
CC Robbie McCarthy/Martin Mulkerrins (Wes/Gal) dft Dessie Keegan/Joe McCann (Mayo) 13-12
Mens Open Semi-Finals:
4.20pm: 7. Tom Sheridan/Brian Carroll (Meath) dft Dominick Lynch/CJ Fitzpatrick (Kerry/Lim) 31-14
5.00pm: 8. Eoin Kennedy/Carl Browne (Dublin) v Michael Walsh/Ciaran Neary (Kilkenny) 31-18
Mens Open PLATE Final:
6.10pm: DD. Robbie McCarthy/Martin Mulkerrins (Wes/Gal) dft Gavin Buggy/Tommy Hynes (Wexford) 22-13
Ladies Doubles:
Saturday 19th July 2014, in Kilfane, Co. Kilkenny. OIC Tom O’Keeffe 087 6547281
Ladies Section 1: Round Robin:
10.00am:1. Rebecca Mulholland/Marie Walsh (Kilkenny) v Ciara Dowling/Niamh Dunne (Laois)
11.00am:2.Aoife Quinn/Shona Ruane (Sligo/Mayo)  v Rebecca Mulholland/Marie Walsh (Kilkenny)
12.00pm:3. Ciara Dowling/Niamh Dunne (Laois) v Aoife Quinn/Shona Ruane (Sligo/Mayo)
Ladies Section 2: Round Robin:
1.00pm:1. Sabrina Hughes/Lisa McKenna (Dublin) dft Kate & Hannah Dagg (Kildare)
Ladies PLATE Final:
3.00pm: Ciara Dowling/Niamh Dunne (Laois) dft Kate & Hannah Dagg (Kildare) 31-12
Ladies Final:
4.30pm: Rebecca Mulholland/Marie Walsh (Kilkenny) dft  Sabrina Hughes/Lisa McKenna (Dublin) 31-11
Masters Doubles:
Saturday 19th July 2014, in Talbot’s Inch, Co. Kilkenny. OIC Jimmy Neary
Masters Semi-Finals:
3.00pm: 1. Paddy Donovan/Frank Daly (Laois/Dublin) dft Rickey Barron/Phil Coleman (Wexford) 31-20
3.40pm: 2. John Ryan/Canice Quigley (Carlow/Kilkenny) dft David & Paul Maher (Tipperary) 31-5
Masters Plate Final:
5.40pm: AA. Rickey Barron/Phil Coleman (Wexford) dft David & Paul Maher (Tipperary) 28-11 ford win
Mens B Doubles:
Saturday 19th July 2014, in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. OIC Ken Conway 087 6784510
Mens B Section 1: Round Robin:
11.00am:1. Dan Breen/Jason Murphy (Kilkenny/Wexford) dft Darragh & Ryan Daly (Tyrone) 31-29
12.00am:2. Anthony Donnelly/Sean Murphy (Limerick) dft Dan Breen/Jason Murphy (Kilkenny/Wexford) 31-25
1.00pm:3. Darragh & Ryan Daly (Tyrone) dft Anthony Donnelly/Sean Murphy (Limerick) 31-24
Mens B Section 2: Round Robin:
1.30pm:1. Diarmuid & Brendan Burke (Kilkenny) dft Galen Riordan/Martin Mullins (Wexford/Carlow) 31-13
Plate Final  Dan Breen/Jason Murphy (Kilkenny/Wexford) dft Diarmuid & Brendan Burke (Kilkenny) 16-15
Mens C Doubles:
Saturday 19th July 2014, in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. OIC Ken Conway 087 6784510
Mens C Quarter-Finals:
10.00am:1. Michael Goggins/Miley Connors (Wexford) dft Denis Lenihan/Shane Spillane (Tipperary) 31-3
10.30am:2. Willie & Jason Cahill (Tipperary) W/O Shane Walsh/Mike Hayes (Clare) 
11.30am:3. Philip O’Carroll/Christopher Enright (Cork/Limerick) dft Niall Moroney/Kevin Kennedy (Tipperary) 31-23
12.30pm:4. Michael Donovan/Cian O’Dalaigh (Laois/Dublin) dft Alan O’Neill/J.R. Finn (Wexford) 31-29
Mens C PLATE Semi-Finals:
2.00pm: AA. Denis Lenihan/Shane Spillane (Tipperary) v Loser Match 2
3.00pm: BB. Alan O’Neill/J.R. Finn (Wexford) dft Niall Moroney/Kevin Kennedy (Tipperary)  
Final Alan O’Neill/J.R. Finn (Wexford) dft Denis Lenihan/Shane Spillane (Tipperary)  24-19
Mens C Semi-Finals:
4.00pm: 5. Michael Goggins/Miley Connors (Wexford) dft Willie & Jason Cahill (Tipperary) 31-12
4.30pm: 6. Philip O’Carroll/Christopher Enright (Cork/Limerick) dft Michael Donovan/Cian O’Dalaigh (Laois/Dublin)
 Final Michael Goggins/Miley Connors (Wexford) dft Philip O’Carroll/Christopher Enright (Cork/Limerick)  31-8
Boys 13 & Under Doubles
Saturday 19th July 2014, in Clogh, Kilkenny. OIC Josephine Cooney 087 9207047
B13D Quarter-Finals:
             : 2. Diarmuid Moore/Richard Lawlor (Wexford) W/O Jamie Maher/Jack Buggy (Kilkenny)
9.00am: 1. Liam Egan/ Fionn Cusack (Roscommon) dft Daire Madden/Sean Hayes (Tipperary) 31-30
9.30am: 3. Kyle Dunne/Billy O’Neill (Kilkenny) dft Daniel Farrelly/Emily Sheridan-Fox (Meath) 31-6
B13D Semi-Finals:
12.00pm: 4. Jack Holden/Glen Murphy Butler (Kilkenny/Wexford) dft Liam Egan/ Fionn Cusack (Roscommon) 31-18
Boys 15 & Under Doubles:
Saturday 19th July 2014, in Clogh, Kilkenny. OIC Josephine Cooney 087 9207047
B15D Quarter-Finals:
10.00am: 1. Daniel Kavanagh/Sean Kerr (Wexford/Tyrone) dft Conor Condon/Kevin Diggins (Kilkenny/Kildare) 31-6
10.30am: 2. David Walsh/Peter Donohue (Cork/Galway) dft Ciaran Cooney/Aidan Barry (Kilkenny) 31-30
11.00am: 3. Shane Dunne/Tadhg O’Neill (Kilkenny/Cork) dft James Prentice/Jerome Cahill (Tipperary) 31-16
11.30am: 4. Colin Ryan/Jason English (Tipperary) dft Cathal Barry/Eoin Regan (Kilkenny) 31-5
Boys 17 & Under Doubles:
Saturday 19th July 2014, in Mullinavat, Kilkenny. OIC Sean Walsh 087 2240215
B17D Round 1:
11.00am: 1. Shane Flynn/Daniel Moynihan (Cork) dft Dion Bourke/Roy Cullen (Kilkenny)
B17D Quarter-Finals:
11.30am: 3. Evan & Shane Murphy (Limerick) dft Cathal O’Connor/Mickey Joe Egan (Roscommon)
12.00pm: 2. Ryan Mullan/Daniel Hayes (Tyrone/Tipperary) dft  Shane Flynn/Daniel Moynihan (Cork)
12.30pm: 4. Niall Joyce/Fergal Coughlan (Mayo/Clare) dft Eoin Hegarty/Ben Walsh (Limerick)
1.00pm: 5. Padraig Cooney/J.J. English (Kilkenny) dft Darren Carter/Patrick Murphy (Westmeath/Mayo)
B17D PLATE Semi-Finals:
2.00pm: AA. Cathal O’Connor/Mickey Joe Egan (Roscommon) dft Dion Bourke/Roy Cullen (Kilkenny)
2.30pm: BB. Eoin Hegarty/Ben Walsh (Limerick) dft Darren Carter/Patrick Murphy (Westmeath/Mayo
B17D Semi-Finals:
3.00pm: 6. Evan & Shane Murphy (Limerick) dft Ryan Mullan/Daniel Hayes (Tyrone/Tipperary)
3.30pm: 7. Niall Joyce/Fergal Coughlan (Mayo/Clare) dft Padraig Cooney/J.J. English (Kilkenny)
B17D PLATE Final:
4.00pm: CC Eoin Hegarty/Ben Walsh (Limerick) dft Cathal O’Connor/Mickey Joe Egan (Roscommon) 31-20
B17D Final:
4.30pm: 8.  Evan & Shane Murphy (Limerick) dft Niall Joyce/Fergal Coughlan (Mayo/Clare) 31-23
Girls 15 & Under Doubles:
Saturday 19th July 2014, in Kilfane, Co. Kilkenny. OIC Tom O’Keeffe 087 6547281
G15D Quarter-Finals:
10.30am: 1. Clodagh Neville/Cathy Foley (Limerick) dft Aoife Floyd/Sile Spain (Clare/Tipperary)
11.30am: 2. Sinead Meagher/Ella Donnellan (Tipperary) dft Roisin O’Keeffe/Noelle Dowling (Kilkenny)
12.30pm: 3. Aoife Holden/Dearbhaill O’Keefe (Kilkenny) dft  Edel Mulholand/ Sian Cooke (Kikenny/Offaly)
G15D Semi Finals:
1.30pm: 4. Fiona Tully/Leah Doyle (Roscommon/Kildare) dft Clodagh Neville/Cathy Foley (Limerick)
2.00pm: 5. Sinead Meagher/Ella Donnellan (Tipperary) dft  Aoife Holden/Dearbhaill O’Keefe (Kilkenny)
 G15D Plate Semi Finals:
2.30pm: AA. Roisin O’Keeffe/Noelle Dowling (Kilkenny) dft Edel Mulholand/ Sian Cooke (Kikenny/Offaly)
G15D PLATE Final:
3.30pm: BB. Aoife Floyd/Sile Spain (Clare/Tipperary dft Roisin O’Keeffe/Noelle Dowling (Kilkenny) 31-21
G15D Final:
4.00pm: 6. Fiona Tully/Leah Doyle (Roscommon/Kildare) dft Sinead Meagher/Ella Donnellan (Tipperary) 31-27