Alley Chat Report 20th July

 ALLEY CHAT with Padhraic Roberts
 Match Reports
 Monday night last saw a number of county’s finals held at the Kilmyshall Handball alley, the senior single, junior singles and the women’s junior singles. First up was the women’s junior singles which was between Holly Hynes representing St Mary’s club taking on Tanya O’Toole from the Coolgreany club. This game started very evenly as both players demonstrated some good serving of the ball, in the early stages O’Toole dominated play but as the game progressed Hynes began to take control forcing her opponent to the rear of the alley. This resulted in the St Mary’s lady winning the first game on a scoreline of 21-18. In the early stages of the second game O’Toole took some early scores and showed some good shots with both hands. However once Hynes found her range in the second game she served some greats balls and took the second game 21-10. A great start to the night for the Hynes family with Holly securing the women’s title presented to her by County Handball Chairman Tom Rossiter but her father Tommy Hynes lay patiently in wait to contest the senior singles final.
Next up was the highly anticipated Junior Singles final between Darren O’Toole (Coolgreany) and Paul Lambert (St Joseph’s). Darren, brother of beaten women’s finalist Tanya was out to secure a winners medal for Coolgreany on the night. The junior singles started at a blistering pace with both players displaying some excellent overhand shots. O’Toole took lead midway through the first game and never looked back as her won the first game 21-15. Lambert took a more central position in the alley for the second game and he began meeting the ball a lot more which resulted in him winning the second game on a scoreline of 21-15. So to the third and deciding game in which O’Toole demonstrated an array of serves that had Lambert under pressure. Throughout the entire game both O’Toole had a higher kill shot count and in the third game he really found his range killing numerous amounts of balls. Lambert fought hard throughout the third game but the fitness and strength of O’Toole saw him secure the third game 21-8. A magnificent game of handball watch by a huge crowd who applauded the players regularly after top class handball.
So to the eagerly awaited men county senior singles final, a repeat of last year’s final between Tommy Hynes (St Mary’s) and Gavin Buggy (St Joseph’s). The crowd were very hungry for this high profile final and greeted both players as they entered the alley. The first game started at a frantic pace with Hynes serving around the walls and into the left of Buggy. This serve caused problems early on for the St Joseph’s man which resulted in Hynes reaching 8-0 before loosing his toss. Buggy began to settle down midway through the first game but found it very hard to get the ball safe as Hynes was in scintillating form killing balls from every inch of the alley. Hynes served his way to 19 until Buggy regained his serve. Buggy then went through a good patch of serving deep and forcing his opponent to around the alley before killing the ball form good positions. However the St Mary’s man was not for catching and once he retook serve he won the first game 21-15. The second game started similar to the first except Hynes showed a lot more killer instinct. He was absolutely unforgiving and punished Buggy with every ball his failed to find safety with. Without doubt Hynes went through a period in the second game that saw the best handball played at the Kilmyshall alley for over 15 years, he was simple magnificent. To the credit of Buggy he kept plugging away but on the day he faced an inform Hynes who was not to be defeated. The second game ended on a scoreline of 21-7 to Hynes who secured yet another senior singles county title. A great night for the St Mary’s club and the Hynes family who left with two winners medals on the night. In a few words after his match Tommy Hynes dedicated his win to his father.
Website Launch night a great success!!!!
 On Thursday evening last the County Wexford Handball board launched their official web site at White Hotel. A number of delegates from the Leinster Handball Council attended along with Wexford GAA secretary Margaret Doyle and the National Handball Manager John Kelly. However the main celebrities on the night were the 32 juvenile players who entered the function room sporting their respective club colours, they were warmly received by the 170 people in attendance at the launch. The County Chairman Tom Rossiter opened the night which was mainly organised by the county handball secretary Tony Breen and juvenile officer Virginia Hanrahan. Niall Reck of Graphedia Website Design was the creator of the website and he navigated the website as Tony Breen guided the guests through the website. Once the launch was finished refreshments were provided and the feed back form the crowd was of excitement. Many parents expressed their satisfaction about the structure of the website with video’s and photographs that will showcase Wexford Handball. The National Handball manager spoke before his departure and gave great credit to the Wexford Handball board for leading the way with the launch of their new official website along with the great work being carried out in the county in developing juvenile handball. A very special thanks to all who attended on the night and to White’s Hotel for their hospitality.
Junior B Doubles         Tómas Lennon/Ray Fogarty (Laois) beat Padhraic Roberts/Tommy Armstrong (Wexford)) 2-1