4-Wall League kicks off in a weeks time

There has been a great response from the clubs of Wexford to the new county 4-wall (40×20) league. The competition has attracted an entry of 89 players and all 14 clubs will be represented. The entries have been divided into 11 divisions and this will generate a total of 380 matches between now and 22nd December.

Click 4-Wall League Groups to see the full entry list and groups.

Play will commence on Monday 9th September with matches at all venues and the first fixture list will be released in the coming days.

The new competition is being trialed for 2019/2020 after which a decision will be made as to its future. County championships will revert to a knockout format during this period.

A major change in this league will be the reduction in games scoring from 21 aces to 15 and players are reminded of this before the competition gets underway. The full Rules and Regulations under which the competition will be run can be seen at County 4-Wall League Rules & Regulations and it is imperative that all those taking part familarise themselves with what it contains.